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MIMS (Market Intelligence Management System)

Integrate, discover and share market insights

Integrate market insights across sources—research reports, data analytics, social media, CRM data, whatever you want

Access market insights anytime, anywhere and from any source

Discover relevant market insights based on business decisions specific to your company
Share presentations to leverage in-house expertise and to generate more discoverable market insights

Assess the usefulness of your organization’s market intelligence assets

Take your company to the next level by fostering a culture of data-informed decision-making

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The Value of MIMS

“[Of the 760 companies we studied,] the companies that were most effective at decision-making and execution generated average shareholder returns nearly six percentage points higher than those of other firms.”

– “The Decision-Driven Organization,”

Harvard Business Review, June 2010


MIMS delivers peak performance

In the era of Big Data, the old ways of making business decisions—relying largely on intuition or a few disconnected market insights—are over. According to Gartner, high-performing businesses are 50% more likely to use analytic information strategically. But the mere availability of Big Data doesn’t guarantee better—more profitable—decisions. No, that requires a change in business culture. That’s where MIMS comes in.

MIMS can both transform your company’s management culture today and evolve to meet your company’s future needs. How? Because it’s designed to reflect your company’s unique DNA. You choose the key business decisions the platform supports. You choose the due diligence questions managers should consider when making these decisions. You determine the usefulness and credibility of the market insights that support one decision or another.

And the platform’s self-optimizing search engine does the rest. It churns through your data to return only the most relevant insights. It closes the loop by assessing the degree to which your market intelligence assets are aligned with your business needs. It turns every manager—and your company as a whole—into a peak performer.
Darwin Engine


Our publications turn complex ideas into actionable insights. It’s what you need to know to make the most of your organization’s intelligence assets.

  1. The Little Known ‘Sure Bet’ for Generating Quick, Low-Cost Revenue Growth


Most businesses fall short of their revenue growth targets. Why is revenue growth so elusive? Because most businesses consistently neglect to invest in this one ‘sure bet’ for achieving quick, low-cost revenue growth.

  1. Why Business Taxonomies are Essential to Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage


With the right business taxonomy, your company can turn every key decision-maker into a peak performer. Here’s what you need to know to get started.


Conventional market research isn’t delivering the insight decision-makers need; it’s too slow, too expensive and in many cases, can’t demonstrate a compelling ROI. The problem lies largely in how market research studies are designed. Our lead market research experts have over 50 years worth of combined experience designing and managing projects of every variety. We can handle any engagement–qualitative, quantitative or hybrid. We wrote the book on full-service research. And now we’re writing a new chapter: agile plus. The agile plus approach means relatively inexpensive, quickturn engagements executed with world-class rigor. These projects involve time-tested designs, methodologies and analytical techniques to ensure your results are delivered quickly without giving up quality.
Regardless of whether your needs dictate a full-service or agile plus approach, our single-minded focus is on delivering actionable insights. The whole of our business is premised on understanding and mapping the relationship between critical business decisions and market insights. We’ll even deliver the results of your project via our one-of-a-kind decision support platform. This platform is your best guarantee that your market intelligence assets actually inform decision-making and by extension, improve your company’s performance.

Contact us for a 30-minute capabilities presentation and we’ll show you a bold new market research paradigm—smarter, faster, less expensive and uniquely designed to empower effective decision-making.


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A profusion of DIY research options have made acquiring market insights much easier than it used to be. The new challenge is optimizing the use of these insights. Developed by market research professionals with more than 30 years of experience, ICI’s solutions are designed to meet this challenge head-on.

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In 2008, McKinsey & Company surveyed 1,139 companies on which factors … most affected their strategic decision-making capabilities. The findings confirm that companies that consider both strategic business issues and decision-making processes when developing strategy typically achieve superior results. That’s why MIMS is tailored to support specific business decisions and captures the best practices associated with making those decisions.


Our platform. Your edge.

The ICI team has produced actionable market insights and winning growth strategies for some of the world’s most successful companies. It’s comprised of experienced executives with the uniquely complementary skills necessary to develop the DecisionPoint Platform and its various applications.

Michael Malone, Ph.D.

As a research psychologist with 35 years of research-based consulting experience, Mike has delivered many cutting-edge innovations. In the early-80s, he developed the world’s leading interactive group research technology, the Perception Analyzer, and has continued to introduce successful market intelligence innovations ever since, including a global product management platform for IBM.

Prior to founding ICI, Mike was the founder of Momentum Market Intelligence, chairman of Market Strategies International and CEO of Columbia Information Systems. In each case, Mike worked to advance the delivery of the right insights to the right decision-makers at the right time. He received his Ph.D. in social psychology from Claremont Graduate School where he studied under renowned business thought-leader, Peter Drucker.

Larry Gorkin

Larry has more than 30 years experience helping companies accelerate growth, both as a line executive and as a successful business consultant. Larry offers the frontline and strategic business insights required to ensure ICI’s solutions produce the desired bottom-line results.

Prior to co-founding ICI, Larry was the senior vice president of marketing and strategy for GE Capital’s Consumer Financial Services unit. He was also director of marketing for business customers at MCI, and brand manager for Pampers at Procter & Gamble. Larry began his consulting career at McKinsey & Company and in 1988 co-founded Stonebridge Consulting Group, a widely-respected strategy boutique specializing in helping companies achieve higher levels of financial performance.

David W. Edwards

David has over 20 years of experience as a research-based consultant. During that time, he’s helped some of the world’s top high-tech firms develop successful new products. He also brings exceptional creative chops to this venture as a novelist, video game producer and feature film writer-director.

Prior to joining ICI, David was the founder and CEO of Zanthus, a research-based consulting boutique specializing in the digital experience. He also served as a vice president in Market Strategies International’s IT division. David attended the University of Southern California’s prestigious screenwriting program, where he earned an M.A. in English Literature. He earned a second master’s degree in Public Affairs with a concentration in social and political research from the University of Oregon.

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Cross-organizational research analyzing 202 business decisions and their outcomes shows that rational decisions following prescriptive decision-making rules yielded the most successful outcomes. That’s why MIMS reinforces the unique decision-making rules you consider most important.